Do you miss HT conferences during the year? Attend one of our many regional retreats! Hosted at a church or a camp, these one- or two-day events will fill you with all of the great things you get during a summer conference, but in a more intimate way. Picture the sanctuary of your local church filled with teenagers who are eager for the organ to begin the opening lines of the liturgy or their favorite hymns, are listening intently as they learn how their Lutheran faith applies to their lives and relationships, and laughing as they horse around playing games and getting to know other youth from the area. When you attend a Higher Things retreat, you challenge youth to Dare to be Lutheran, inspiring them to deeper faith and love for their neighbors.

Find a retreat near you to be refilled with the same reverent worship, robust teaching, and playful fun that Higher Things delivers at summer conferences, but in a smaller way. See you there!

America's Idols

MARCH 25-26, 2022

When we hear the word 'idolatry,' it’s easy to imagine primitive people bowing down to gods made of carved stone. But we'd be naive to think that idolatry only happened with primitive people long ago. What are the idols of America? What are your idols? Ask yourself "What do I find security in, and what do I boast about and defend the most?" The answers - those are your idols - anything from money, sports, fame, even ourselves.

Maybe you think that idols aren’t that big of a deal. Join us at St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Minot, ND as Rev. Justin Woodside helps us understand why idols cannot love us, pursue us, or bleed for us. They cannot protect us from the grave. Only Christ can - that’s a big deal.
$50 per person covers all expenses for the retreat at St Paul’s, including all classes, food, activities, and lodging at the church. Boys and girls will be housed in separate areas of the church, and attendees should bring sleeping bags and pillows. There are no shower facilities, however bathrooms are located throughout the church. The retreat will begin at 6pm on Friday and end at 3pm on Saturday.

Rev. Matthew Richard


Tana McKenna
Higher Things retreat coordinator
888-482-6630 x. 4

Life Ain't Easy

MAY 6-7, 2022

It's tough to be a Christian in our world, and it seems to be getting tougher all the time. But we're not the first Christians to live in challenging times. The book of 1 Peter is a letter of hope written to Christians familiar with suffering. Through whatever challenges you face, learn to hold on to the hope that we have in Christ.

Pastor Peter Gregory, one of our New England district pastors, will be the speaker for this retreat. Pastor Gregory has been serving the saints of Our Savior in Westminster, MA since March 2015. He is married to Kristen and they have six children at home and one home with Jesus.

$50 per person includes Friday night light supper and snacks, Saturday breakfast, lunch, and snacks, all presentations and activities, and overnight lodging at St. John's Lutheran Church. Registration and check in will begin at 5p.m. on Friday, May 6th and end around 4p.m. on Saturday, May 7th.

Chris Moser


Tana McKenna
Higher Things retreat coordinator
888-482-6630 x. 4

The Devoted Devotional Life

August 12-13, 2022
Our Savior's LUTHERAN CHURCH - Aberdeen, SD

There are 168 hours in a week. Even if we are faithful, we are probably only spending 2 hours a week in worship and Bible study. What about the other 166? We sleep some but that is still a lot of time. How should we, as redeemed, baptized children of God spend our time? How should we react to what we see and experience in this time that we live in? We will explore these and a few more things when we explore "The Devoted, Devotional Life"

Pastor Bret Bierman is a "late bloomer", ordained into the Office of the Holy Ministry at the age of 53. He has an understanding wife, three sons, three daughters-in-law and five grandchildren. Pastor Bierman  grew up on a farm and farmed until he was ordained. He still loves the land, treasures the beauty of God's creation and loves to spend time in God's Word in this beauty.

$40 per person covers all Friday night snacks, Saturday breakfast, lunch, and snacks, all presentations and activities, and overnight lodging at Our Savior’s Lutheran Church. This retreat is intended for confirmation youth, so any youth entering into or currently in confirmation instruction are welcome, no matter the grade or age.

You may also contact Pastor Randy Sturzenbecher at (605)391-0428 or to ask for a registration packet via email. Groups should register online or RSVP by August 5.

Rev. Randy Sturzenbecher
(605) 391-0428

Tana McKenna
Higher Things retreat coordinator
888-482-6630 x. 4

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